Gumebri instrument – Harmony in Mahogany and Juniper


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Wood: Crafted from the finest Bois d’acajou and Bois de genévrier, known for their rich and warm tonal qualities.

Dimensions: 18 cm wide, 54 cm long, and 12 cm deep, with a total length of 1 meter and 15 centimeters.

Precision Nut: Perfectly fitted bone nut for crystal-clear clarity across all frequencies.

Resonance Box: Expertly crafted from selected woods, enhancing the instrument’s warm and vibrant tones.

Dromedary Leather Neck: Dried and tanned for durability and authenticity.

Strings: Equipped with three high-quality strings for soul-stirring melodies.

Artistic Decoration: Adorned with a 0.3cm-deep metal and cow bone decoration, combining artistry with music.

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Presentation of the Majestic Mahogany and Juniper Instrument
Here is our latest masterpiece, an instrument made with the finest Mahogany wood and Juniper wood. Like its predecessor, this instrument has the same perfect dimensions, allowing you to dive even deeper into the world of music.

Made from nature's best:

Mahogany and Juniper: We have carefully selected Mahogany and Juniper wood to ensure unparalleled resonance and unique tonal character. These woods, known for their rich and warm qualities, give the instrument a captivating sound.
Dimensions that resonate:

Compact and Powerful: Measuring 18cm wide, 54cm long and 12cm deep, this instrument is compact yet powerful, providing a rich and immersive musical experience.

Extended Range: With a total length of 1 meter and 15 centimeters, you'll explore musical depths like never before.


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