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Guembri Excellence: Sapele and Spruce Harmonic Duo


  • Wood Selection: Crafted from premium Sapele and Spruce, renowned for their unique tonal qualities.
  • Dimensions: Compact yet powerful, measuring 18 cm wide, 54 cm long, and 12 cm deep, with a total length of 1 meter and 15 centimeters.
  • Precision Nut: A perfectly fitted bone nut guarantees unparalleled clarity across all frequencies.
  • Resonance Box: Expertly crafted from selected woods, enhancing the instrument’s rich and resonant tones.
  • Dried and Tanned Neck: The neck is meticulously prepared for durability and authenticity.
  • Quality Strings: Equipped with three high-quality strings for soul-stirring melodies.
  • Artistic Decoration: Adorned with a 0.3cm-deep metal and cow bone decoration, combining artistry with music.

Sold out!


Indulge in the world of harmonious music with our exquisite Guembri crafted from the perfect union of Sapele and Spruce. Meticulously designed and passionately crafted, this instrument promises to elevate your musical experience to new heights.

Crafted from Nature's Harmony:

  • Sapele and Spruce: Carefully chosen for their distinct tonal qualities, Sapele and Spruce come together in perfect harmony, creating an instrument that resonates with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Dimensions that Inspire:

  • Compact Brilliance: Measuring 18 cm wide, 54 cm long, and 12 cm deep, this Guembri combines compactness with remarkable musical power.
  • Extended Musical Odyssey: With a body and handle length totaling 1 meter and 15 centimeters, it invites you to embark on a profound musical journey.

Crafted Details that Shine:

  • Perfect Precision: Just like our previous instruments, this Guembri features a meticulously fitted bone nut, ensuring impeccable clarity across all frequencies.
  • Resonance Perfected: The resonance box, crafted from the selected woods, enhances the instrument's rich and resonant tones.
  • Durable Craftsmanship: The neck, dried and tanned with utmost care, adds durability and an authentic touch to your musical experience.
  • Strings of Excellence: Equipped with three strings made from premium materials, this Guembri produces melodies that stir the soul.
  • Artistry in Every Note: Adorned with a 0.3cm-deep metal and cow bone decoration, it's not just an instrument; it's a masterpiece that brings music to life.

Elevate Your Melodies:

With this Sapele and Spruce Guembri, your melodies will soar to new heights. Unleash your musical passion and let the enchanting tones of Sapele and Spruce transport you to a world of melodic wonder.


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