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The Best Collection of Moroccan Guembri Instruments

Guembri musical instrument is one of the most famous creators of Guembri music instruments in Morocco. Our brilliant success is the fruit of our permanent efforts of professionalism which we put at the heart of our creations. Our various Guembri instruments are solemnly displayed in our exhibition gallery located in Marrakech. Each instrument exhibited is the result of impeccable work by experienced craftsmen. Our various creations represent unique works of art internationally recognized as evidenced by the visits of artists and musicians of great international reputation from which we receive assiduous congratulations. is a specialist in the manufacture of Guembris. It combines passion and professionalism that make its instruments real musical jewels to wear and play. It has a quality after-sales service and is an international reference in the production of the Guembri musical instrument.

We are a team of professionals who offer a wide range of Guembri instruments that are accessible to all. Our instruments are of high quality with a very affordable price/quality ratio. Our instruments are entirely handmade in our headquarters and displayed in our showroom located in Marrakech. We have a highly qualified team that works tirelessly to give each Guembri a unique tone, voice and soul. The manufacture of our Guembri instruments is done with first choice raw materials. The materials used are of the highest quality and our skilled craftsmen use their many years of experience to carve and design our precious plucked musical instruments with love.

Best Collection of Guembri Instruments

At, every design detail is treated with passion and creativity for an exceptional quality result. Our exhibitions in Marrakech, in the heart of the medina, enhance the status of this world-renowned city for its artistic and cultural heritage.

Whatever your request, our traditional musical instrument experts are always available to help you select the right Guembri instrument for your budget and playing ability. We also have a quality after-sales service that guarantees you will enjoy your Guembri musical instrument for many years.


At ship Guembri, we make shipping your Guembri safe and easy.


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