Guembri Exclusive Instrument


This wonderful Guembri is made by the most popular Moroccan artisans in Morocco. This professional Guembri instrument is of excellent quality, and its body is made of walnut wood and decorated with orange and mahogany wood.

Guembri Instrument

  • Price of Guembri ​​: 410 euros
  • Perfectly fitted bone nut for perfect clarity across the entire frequency range
  • Sound box: Made of walnut wood and decorated with orange wood.
  • Leather: dried and tanned dromedary neck.
  • Dimensions of the box: 24 cm wide, 55 cm long and 14 cm deep.
  • Body + handle: = 1m 23cm.
  • Strings: three strings made from fatty goat intestines
  • Extremely well packaged for shipping.
  • Decoration: Decorated in orange wood and Mahogany


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